Terminology Workshops

Friday, August 10, 2018

On August 7 -9, 2018, some 40 fluent Ojibwe delegates came from all over Ontario to meet in Sault Ste. Marie and create neologisms – 1,200 newly coined words – for modern terminology or update existing terminology. The words will be mutually understood by all Anishinaabemowin dialects. Immersion teachers, translators and all speakers of Anishinaabemowin will be able to use these words in the classrooms and their daily work. 

The delegates worked for 3 days in 4 groups. Each group had representatives of all the dialects and was led by a Facilitator and Recorder. The words will later be made available online.

Patricia Ningewance Nadeau, Project Leader, met with the Academic Advisory Group – Dr. Celia Ross of Algoma University, Dr. John O’Meara of Lakehead University, and Dr. John Nichols, retired, of University of Minnesota – in April to discuss the format of the Workshops, dialects, the training of the Facilitators, editing the 2,000-word compiled template list, and the formation of the neologisms. She met with the Steering Committee later - Jim Green of western Ontario, Barbara Nolan of eastern Ontario (replaced by Liz Osawamik), and Bruce Beardy of northern Ontario (Ojicree). They advised her on how to proceed and to select delegates from their areas.

The Facilitator / Recorder teams were: Larry Beardy and Aandeg Muldrew, Sarah Johnson / Pat Green, Jim Green / Brian Cochrane, and Liz Osawamick / Meg Noodin. 

The project was funded entirely by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Gichi-Miigwech to all who worked on this project.